1829-044 Strong Communities Start With Strong Foundations

Building a child’s brain is just like building a dream home. In the same way a house needs a solid foundation to support the walls and roof, kids need positive interactions and new experiences to build a healthy foundation for the rest of their lives.

Together, it’s our job to make sure that kids have the supports they need to build healthy brains and become successful adults.

Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters does just. Our programs give nearly 5,000 kids the tools they need to overcome negative influences, improve their literacy, and nurture their self-confidence.

The Dream Home and Win50 Lottery delivers nearly 20% of our annual budget. With your support, we can build a healthy community one child at a time.

Find out more at bgcbigs.ca or 780.424.8181!

1829-461Some Stats*:

  • Girls with a Big Sister are two and a half times more likely than girls without a mentor to be confident in their ability to be successful at school
  • Boys with a Big Brother are three times less likely than boys without a mentor to suffer peer pressure related anxiety, such as worrying about what other children think or say about them
  • Mentored boys are two times more likely to believe that school is fun and that doing well academically is important.
  • Mentored boys are also two times less likely than non-mentored boys to develop negative conducts like bullying, fighting, lying, cheating, losing their temper or expressing anger
  • 93% of kids who were part of Boys & Girls Clubs credit a particular staff member for developing, helping and supporting them
  • Neighbourhood crime is reduced by 60% over a year and a half period by improving the quality of life in a high-risk neighbourhood through free recreational activities for young people and more jobs for youth
  • A dollar spent on enriching child care saves $17 in criminal justice costs.
  • Helping children gain life skills early on “can prevent aggression, reduce involvement in violence, improve social skills, boost educational achievement and improve job prospects” – benefits that have the potential to last into adulthood

* Positive choices, a better future. Creating Healthy Alternatives for Youth.
*National Research Study on Mentoring by McMaster University